Why lawyers need a website and how to conduct it correctly

October 18, 2019

You can be a highly qualified specialist, but what’s the point if you don’t have clients. In the modern world, when competition is growing every day, attention to competent advertising, promotion of their own services is also increasing. One way to make yourself known is a page on the Internet, yours personally or a law firm.

Why do lawyers need a website?

A site is a virtual office, it usually begins the acquaintance of your potential client and you as a professional. It is now difficult to imagine a specialist or company that would not have its own website, would not promote services via the Internet. However, not only the availability of a web resource is important, but also the design, content, the correct presentation of the material, the availability of necessary information.

What are the functions of best law firm websites?

  1. Business card. The site is visited by people who are looking specifically for a lawyer or lawyer or general legal information on a specific issue. Your site should not only give an answer to their search query, but also convince that you can help them with any other question or legal procedures.
  2. A tool for advertising. Articles, news, presentations, useful information posted on your site will attract readers, each of which is your potential client. By filling the site with quality you create its value for the audience.
  3. A means of communication. This is a connection between you and people who need your services, as well as a means of communication between those who have already used your services and those who need them. The recommendations left on the site add value to your company in the eyes of potential customers.

How to maintain a law firm website?

  1. Concise design. As already noted, for lawyers a website is a professional tool. Try to avoid fancy designs. Sites with a strict and user-friendly design work much better, but do not go to extremes and try to avoid commonplace in images or layout of the site.
  2. Section “Team”. It is very important to describe the benefits of your employees. Be sure to add their professional photos.
  3. Section “Services”. The most common mistakes that lawyers make are a huge list of services and a very vague description of them. The site will work when it will be interestingly written about your services.
  4. Section “Reviews”. The most important section, it has the greatest weight when choosing you as a professional. It is important for people not only what you can tell about yourself, but also what others can say, how you helped them, what principles of your work.
  5. Your articles. Write some useful articles for clients and post them on the site. Better yet, if you start a blog on your web page. Firstly, it will improve search engine promotion, and secondly, it will add value to your resource.
  6. Website header. What should be in the header: your contact details; the answer to the question “Why should the client work with you?” is a short but capacious slogan-answer to this question; photo of you and your team.
  7. Photographic materials. As you know, appearance is very important and the first acquaintance should go through high-quality photographs. 90% of professionals do not pay any attention to photos on their site. Photo from the passport, from the phone of friends, on the home camera – all this is not good. Looking for good professional photos of your team! You must look stylish, expensive. Classic costumes, austere interiors are welcome.
  8. Online consultant. Clients come to your site, they have questions. They want prompt answers. Great if you install an online consultant. This is a simple method, but it can improve the effectiveness of a legal site.