Think of any great brand. While each one may be unique, they all have something in common; they didn’t happen by chance, but were consciously engineered. Webx has reinvigorated thousands of brands with its holistic branding solutions; from logo to marketing collateral and website design, we craft a consistent brand identity and communicate that identity in a way that resonates with your target market. Best of all, it will distinguish you from any competition, allowing your business to occupy a specific space in the mind of your consumer. Contact us today for a chat about your brand.


Your brand is the glue that pieces together all your communications, imagery, identity, positioning and messaging. It comprises the full spectrum of assets and how they represent your business and voice. This includes in the media, your premises, if applicable, your online presence, and most importantly, your place in your customer’s mind. When a brand is created and managed correctly, it becomes a living, breathing narrative that builds customer loyalty, attracts new customers, and ultimately, increases sales revenue.

This is what makes branding so important. Brands that truly flourish are those that understand that their enterprise is far more than the products and services they provide. At Titan, we have mastered the art of branding new entities and rebranding existing ones.


Brand development is the process of creating or refining your corporate or business identity so that it accurately reflects your business, its ethos, personality and voice.

Successful brand campaigns and strategies are built around three key components:


Crystal clear positioning that everyone can understand.


Bold and distinct messaging.


There should be no ambiguity or confusion. Whether brochures, billboards or online advertising, the voice, tone and persona should be the same. Repetition builds reputation.

Branding ensures consistent quality and value, resulting in the trust a customer or potential client places in your company, from first interaction to successful sale. From your email signature to your website and social media channels, your brand must be consistently delivered.

Our brand design and development services include:

  • Brand audit
  • Brand Design & Modelling
  • Rebranding
  • Holistic brand implementation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising Concepts



With a multitude of companies competing in the same market, a strong brand presence can make all the difference. It makes your business more recognisable, more memorable, and therefore, a more likely choice for potential customers.

Customer and employee loyalty

A well-designed brand imparts more than functional and economic value, it can also build an emotional connection with your customers. Solid, successful brands foster long-lasting relationships with both customers and employees.


Good brands ooze credibility. You don’t have to be a big brand to be credible, but you do need to be consistent. When a brand consistently reinforces its values and identity, whether it’s through your messaging, products or services, it cements its place in the market.

Consistent communications

Branding bolsters your company’s identity. A clearly defined brand identity facilitated by a detailed brand manual will ensure all your communications capture the same tone, imagery, feeling and voice.

A sturdy foundation for company culture

Your brand sets the tone for your company internally as much as it does externally. The values, mission and vision of your business become engrained in each employee, further perpetuating your strong brand identity.

Differentiation and competitive advantage

With ongoing technological advancements, setting yourself apart from your competitors is more important than ever. Something that can’t be replicated is your unique brand identity. A strong brand can be the deciding factor for a customer struggling to make the choice between similar products or services.


Fashion, food, language, music and culture are constantly changing. Brands, similarly, often need a refresh to keep up with the changing times. What was appropriate and “cool” 10-20 years ago is unlikely to be today. Recalibration of your brand lets your audience know that you are a progressive business with foresight.

Times when a rebrand may be necessary include:

  • Damaged reputation
  • Conflict with stakeholders
  • Mergers, acquisitions and demergers
  • Repositioning
  • New leadership
  • Entering or targeting a different market
  • Outdated
  • Further development of corporate identity
  • Your brand is your business’s foundation. Entrust it to the brand specialists

What you get when you work with Webx:

  • A dedicated team of digital specialists
  • Extensive experience spanning more than 500 clients
  • Holistic digital marketing approach
  • Value for money – excellent ROI
  • Tailor-made website design and functionality

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