Reddit Marketing – How to Maximize Your ROI From Your Reddit Marketing Efforts

June 17, 2022

When starting your reddit marketing campaign, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Redditors are fiercely protective of their communities. If you are a visible outsider, the community will likely kick you off. This is why selling stuff is a huge no-no on Reddit. To avoid this, you must create exclusive and original content. Keep your topics fun, trendy, and relatable to the community.

Subreddits to target for reddit marketing

There are many subreddits on Reddit to choose from, but the most important one for reddit marketing is to target specific subreddits. Doing research on which subreddits to target is similar to doing keyword research for SEO. However, in the Reddit world, the riches are in the niches. For instance, a brand that sells kitchen tools would find it difficult to impact /r/food with a 20 million subscriber base. However, if your brand makes kitchen tools, it may be more effective to target /r/bachelorchef with just 10k subscribers.

When targeting Reddit users, it is important to consider their interests, and the types of content they read. For example, if a vegan ice cream company wants to target vegans, they’ll have to compete with a vegan beauty product maker, or an invoicing software. These kinds of competition will drive ad costs up quickly. The problem with competitive marketplaces is that advertisers don’t know what to bid, so they put the highest bid they can afford. Therefore, a next-cent bidder system can help you save money.

Cost of advertising on Reddit

While a reddit ad may not cost much, it must be effective. Unlike other forms of advertising, Reddit ads must relate to a community of users. The cost of advertising on Reddit can range from $0.20 per impression up to $30,000. Base costs for display posts range from $4,000 to $40,000. Large companies with large budgets are best suited for display posts. Some household brands have already made their presence felt on

Before you begin your Reddit advertising campaign, consider how much you want to spend. There are two options: lifetime and daily budgets. While lifetime budgets cannot be changed after the campaign starts, you can adjust daily budgets to fit your desired time frame. For a daily budget, set a daily minimum of $5. This will give you an idea of the amount you can spend, as most advertisers will have to spend more to reach the desired number of customers.

Ways to promote on Reddit

If you want to get your brand and website noticed on Reddit, you must have a high quality content. Self-promotion on Reddit is not only annoying, it can even lead to unsubscription. To avoid this, make sure you post high-quality content and upvote your posts. Keep your self-promotion low-frequency so that you won’t end up unsubscribing yourself.

Before you begin promoting on Reddit, you must have an account. Create an account for your brand and make a profile and cover photo. You can use your logo as your profile photo. You can use Logaster’s logo generator to create one. Ensure that you actively engage with the community and participate in discussions. This will boost the chance of your posts getting noticed. You can post your content in relevant subreddits for maximum exposure.

Make sure your account is representative of your brand and personal identity. Engage with various subreddits in order to establish your credibility. Use your brand name as your username, and create a custom avatar to represent yourself on the site. Leaving out your avatar shows that you’re not investing in the site and have no intention of using it. Make sure to be authentic and respectful to avoid being labelled as a spammer.

Common mistakes made by marketers on Reddit

There are several common mistakes made by marketers on Reddit. In order to maximize your ROI from your marketing efforts on Reddit, you must know how to avoid these mistakes. Reddit is a unique social media network where content is heavily moderated. Since Reddit is comprised of multiple subreddits, it is essential to understand what each community is about before you decide to post on it. You should avoid the ‘frontpage’ and appeal to specific communities if you’re trying to reach out to a targeted audience.

Attempting to be “cool” or “groovy” is a sure-fire way to get lambasted by the user base. Overly promotional language or appropriating popular memes backfire on Reddit. Instead, make sure your promotional posts are descriptive and to the point. Avoid using the dreaded “do not spam” tag in your posts. Reddit users are savvy and scathing about brands that try to “steal the limelight” from real users.