Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

May 29, 2021

A man can determine the first symptoms of impotence himself. Weak erection, insufficient for a full sexual intercourse, its absence during sexual arousal are clear signs of problems in the sexual sphere. In such situations, you should contact one of the doctors: a urologist, andrologist, sexologist. They will be able to more accurately diagnose and identify whether there really is a pathology, the causes of its occurrence.  Several methods are used to make a diagnosis:

  • Urine and blood tests;
  • Examination of the patient;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis;
  • Doppler sonography of the vessels;
  • X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. 

Only a doctor can determine the necessity of using one of the methods. Most often several options are used at once, for example, biochemical analysis allows determining the presence of inflammatory processes, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, which are important for diagnosis. Dopplerography is designed to determine the state of the vessels that take a direct part in the blood supply of the penis. 

Only after an accurate diagnosis and identification of factors that reduce potency, the doctor prescribes treatment. It may be medication, physiotherapy, and sometimes even conservative. With psychological impotence, the patient undergoes a course of help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Most often, doctors prescribe drugs, which you can buy here

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

The possibility of preventing the occurrence of impotence in most cases exists. First of all, you need to review your lifestyle. If you work sedentary, be sure to do sports – even just once a day to do exercises. This will help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. No less important to start a balanced diet, take complex vitamin and mineral preparations, eat foods that increase potency: milk, meat, saltwater fish, herbs, caviar, many vegetables and fruits. You also need to give up bad habits: the use of alcohol, drugs, smoking. 

Psychological condition also would be good to correct: get rid of the sources of stress, adjust sleep, improve relationships in the family. If work requires a high level of concentration and involvement of mental abilities, you should rest more often. And the most important thing is that the fight for sexual activity up to old age must be carried out by both partners, because for a woman it is very important to have a man who can bring her pleasure in bed. 

Drugs that increase potency – something without which it is impossible to do without in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, in relation to this disease, the most effective option is a comprehensive therapy. If you are looking for reliable medications that will definitely be able to restore your healthy potency, visit Here you will have access to modern medications that will be as effective as possible. Such medications are often used by men all over the world.