Business cloud services

July 3, 2019

Cloud services can bring a lot of advantages to your business. The common of them is cost reduction. Let’s find out how it works.

Imagine that you need storage for your data and software. You can buy a server in-house. But you can’t buy only one server. You need a minimum two of them for correct work. If first will break, second could work instead of him. Even better, if you buy three servers. A third will be a buffer a load balancer between two others. Unfortunately, you can’t buy only servers, for its correct work you need to buy additional equipment like special systems for maintaining temperature and humidity. All this equipment is very expensive. Also, you’ll need to hire employees who will maintain the equipment.

These causes are forcing the companies to not buy servers and lease them in data centers instead. In this case, you’ll have remote servers and providers who manage them. Thus, you don’t hire people in-house and make a special environment for servers. The common minus of this scheme is the support response time. Customer support of free cloud storage responds very slow because they have a lot of clients and physically can’t support each of them efficiently. Another drawback of this solution is the complexity of the provided services. Usually, there are a lot of services in packs and you can’t buy only the needed one, or do not know what to choose for your company. You can study the documentation and find what will you need, but it can take a lot of your time, so that is not efficient.

Look’s like no escape situation, right?

But there is a third way to implement cloud computing for business. You can hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who will bring your company the next benefits: . Sooner or later, the majority of product owners choose this way as the best cloud business solution. In this case, you will get access to your business cloud without minuses of previous ways.

MSP will implement only needed cloud services for your company and will get you a high level of support, including emergency situations.

What will you get with MSP?

First of all, you’ll reduce costs because you don’t need to buy equipment and hire an in-house team. Also, cloud services work on the Pay-As-You-Go model, so you’ll pay only for what you use. You do not pay for servers which are not used at night, for example. The other benefits are:

  • scalability – you could use more or fewer resources based on your needs;
  • security – cloud backup for business is more secure than physical storage which can be breached;
  • only needed features – MSP can get you only what you need without packs of services and you can change the list of services anytime.

Wrapup: how to make business cloud storage and implement cloud services?

Cloud storage is very useful for small and big businesses. You can implement it on your own or by MSP. Physical servers based in your office or remotely can be useful but have a lot of drawbacks and installation features, and might take a long time to configure. Whereas experienced MSP will implement cloud infrastructure without any troubles.